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In Clyde, Victoria, JNB Concrete installed a gorgeous Exposed Aggregate Driveway for a new home.

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Clyde Exposed Aggregate Driveway


In the new suburb of Clyde, a new homeowner requested a stylish driveway which matched their newly built home. With our keen eye for detail we set to installing a visually striking driveway, using Exposed Aggregate Concrete that would complement the colour scheme of the new home. This project demanded gradient planning, creative design and an eye for perfection to bring the client’s vision to life.

Client: Residential

Location: Clyde

Services: New Home Driveway


Incorporating exposed aggregate concrete into your design adds a distinctive touch, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces. The exposed aggregate technique reveals the natural beauty of stones and pebbles, creating a unique texture that complements various architectural styles. One of the challenges to consider is implementing this technique on surfaces with a slight gradient. Achieving an even and visually pleasing finish becomes crucial as the gradient introduces an additional dimension to the installation process. Careful planning and skilled craftsmanship are essential to ensure a seamless transition and a visually stunning result on surfaces with a gentle slope..

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To tackle the unique challenges posed by an Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway in Clyde, JNB Concrete developed a comprehensive solution that prioritised both aesthetic allure and long-lasting durability. The process of crafting the exposed aggregate concrete began with meticulous planning and design, aiming to pinpoint the ideal colour scheme and layout that would harmonise seamlessly with the residence.

A premium-grade exposed aggregate concrete mix, specifically chosen for its robustness and vivid pigments, was carefully chosen. The site underwent thorough preparation to establish a solid foundation for the exposed aggregate concrete. The concrete mix, enriched with the hues selected by the client, was skilfully poured and finished, resulting in a sleek and visually captivating surface.

Particular attention was devoted to the finishing touches, with our adept craftsmen employing techniques to enrich the surface’s texture and visual appeal. The exposed aggregate concrete was then sealed with a protective coating, shielding it from the ever-changing weather patterns in Clyde North and ensuring the enduring vibrancy of its colours.

Incorporating the client’s vision, the concrete surface seamlessly melded with the home’s exterior, elevating its contemporary aesthetic. Meticulous coordination of colours and design elements brought about a unified look, transforming the outdoor space into a vibrant oasis that flawlessly complemented the architectural style of the new home.


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Recently had the team from JNB Concrete out to complete a new driveway for me, couldn’t be happier with them. They arrived on time, cleaned up after themselves and were a delight to work with. The driveway looks fantastic and came in right on budget. I would highly recommend JNB Concrete to all my friends and family.

Casey O’Connor (Clyde)

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