Plain Concrete Driveway Drouin


In the Gippsand town of Drouin, JNB Concrete poured a large 165sqm Driveway with special design features.

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Concrete Driveway Drouin


Out in Gippsland Victoria, a carefully shaped Plain Concrete Driveway was required. The drive was to stretch across the front and side of exisiting property.

Client: Residential

Location: Drouin

Services: Large Plain Concrete Driveway


Pouring 165 square meters of concrete for a expansive driveway poses several challenges. Ensuring a uniform thickness for proper load-bearing capacity is crucial, while addressing the curvature demands precision. Weather conditions, particularly in Australia, can be unpredictable, impacting the curing process. Coordinating logistics, managing the substantial volume of concrete and maintaining a smooth finish are integral tasks. Attention to detail is paramount for a durable and visually appealing result in this extensive project.

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165 Square Meters

Plain Concrete

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To overcome the challenges of pouring 165 square meters of concrete for an expansive driveway, meticulous planning and execution are imperative. Commencing with thorough site preparation, including excavation and proper grading, establishes a solid foundation. As skilled professionals we are adept at managing concrete logistics, which of course is crucial for a seamless operation. Utilising concrete mixes suitable for the Australian climate ensures optimal curing, combating weather-related obstacles.

Incorporating advanced pouring techniques, such as laser-guided screeds, aids in achieving uniform thickness across the driveway. Employing experienced concrete finishers guarantees a smooth, aesthetically pleasing surface. Strategic scheduling to account for weather windows is pivotal, given Australia’s variable climate.

Furthermore, integrating expansion joints along the curvature of the driveway accommodates natural shifts and prevents cracks. Employing reinforcement measures, like steel mesh or fiber reinforcement, enhances the driveway’s structural integrity. Efficient coordination among the construction team, suppliers, and equipment operators streamlines the process.

Regular quality checks during and after the pour ensure adherence to standards. Attention to detail in the finishing stages, such as troweling and sealing, adds longevity and enhances the driveway’s visual appeal. By addressing these aspects collectively, the challenge of pouring a substantial concrete expanse is met with a comprehensive and effective solution, yielding a durable and well-crafted driveway.


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Josh and the team at JNB Concrete Cranbourne completed my new driveway installation and I couldn’t recommend them more, the team were professional and worked to my budget. Josh was always in touch answered any questions and kept me updated throughout the process.

Andrea Linn (Drouin)

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